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” Splintered Arms ” is by Liyv ( Olivia Holman ),the Dream-pop artist, Art Director and Illustrator from Seattle, United States. Liyv describes herself as a ” Pastel Pop Musician ” who makes songs for sad people who like bright colours.
The song was written by Liyv with production for the single by Joel Marchand. Joel is an independent music producer also from Seattle.
” Splintered Arms ” is the fourth to be released from Liyv’s ” One song a month ” project after he previous works which include ” Heat, ” Drowning ” and ” You Should Know Better “. The track was written during High School when she was experiencing anxiety in her life. Liyv explained the inspiration for the lyrics ” I wrote Splintered Arms in high school at a time when I was experiencing a lot of uncertainty about relationships, the future, and myself. While the song changed and matured when I rewrote it this year, the core remained the same, depicting uneasiness and a yearning for safety. ”
Liyv is an inspirational writer who is influenced by her personal experiences, as a writer she draws inspiration from life around her along with Wes Anderson films, plants, gemstones, poetry, colors, and novels.Even a casual conversation with friends can result in lyrics for a song.
The accompanying music video was directed by Joel Marchand and filmed on location at Oak Harbor, Washington. The city is located on Whidbey Island in Island County and is noted for the skyline of Garry Oak trees.
” Splintered Arms ” has been well received by music critics, writing for the blog indietrendsetters.com Zack Potts said of the song ” It’s a mastery of minimal pop that leaves us hanging on every note. She holds a gentle authority over listeners as she captivates them with her stirring lyrics and undertones of vocal sampling. She’s sure to be a sensation in the coming years with her completely unique and alluring sound. I hope you love her as much as we do! ”
In a review on crackintheroad.com, the writer said of the song ” This is mesmerizing. Seattle’s Liyv is releasing one song a month, and her latest offering, ‘ Splintered Arms ‘ is wonderfully composed yet poignantly fragile, likely to draw comparisons to the likes of Kiiara and the early Lapsley demos. ”

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Twitter Page: Twitter.com/iamliyv

SoundCloud: Soundcloud.com/liyv

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