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” The Floral Dance ” is by Terry Wogan, the British broadcaster. The song was written in 1911 by Kate Emily Barkley ‘ Katie ‘ Moss ( 1881-1947 ), who was a professional singer and musician.
The song is based on the Furry Dance which takes place in Helston, Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The dance is one of the country’s oldest customs and is still practised today.
The Furry Dance also is known as the Flora Dance, The Cornish Floral Dance and even the Floral dance died out but was revived in modern times.
Still popular today the event is attended by people from all over the world who descend on the most southerly of the United Kingdom’s town known as Helston.
Kate wrote ” The Floral Dance ” after an incident that happened to her on a visit to Helston one springtime at the Furry Dance’ celebrations. She later wrote the song while travelling home on the train.
The song opens describing the sounds the singer can hear coming from afar ” I thought I could hear the curious tone, Of the cornet, clarinet and big trombone, Fiddle, ‘cello, big bass drum, Bassoon, flute and euphonium “.
The song was first recorded in 1912 by Peter Dawson. However, the most famous and the most popular version is credited to Sir Terry Wogan.
His version was released by the record label PHILIPS and first charted in the United Kingdom on the 7th of January 1978. The song reached number twenty-one on the UK Singles Chart and remained on the chart for five weeks.
Terry’s version of ” The Floral Dance ” was accompanied by Hanwell Band, his release left off the final verse which had the climax to the story.
The song was also featured in the 1996 film Brassed Off, starring Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald and Ewan McGregor, which was about troubles faced by a Colliery Brass Band and the pit closure.

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