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” The Man In The Window ” is by David Nyro, the American Singer-songwriter from Seattle, United States. Written by David Nyro, the song features the vocal talents of another Seattle based singer-songwriter, Abby London.
Production for the single was by David Nyro and Jakael Tristram, who also engineered the track. ” The Man In The Window “, recorded in 2017, was put together at different home studios in the Seattle area. The composition features David Nyro on piano, Jakael Tristram playing bass with Sean Lane on drums and percussion. The track also features cellist Colin Isler.
Although mostly autobiographical, the lyrics have a meaning anyone could relate to in their own lives. Lyrically the song tells the story of a love lost, with David as the man in the window who revisits a place where his lover and soulmate, now lost to him for another love, spent many happy times.
David feels that the ” place ” they spent time together was theirs, a happy couple claiming it for themselves. However, the song touches on the fact that the ” place ” is shared by other couples, a sentiment that brings the song to a conclusion, a circle of love and life that continues long after.
In summer of 2016, David lost the greatest love of his life. ” The Man In The Window ” is a poignant reminder of the few romantic places they used to go. One of their favourite destinations, Bauhaus, was one of the first independent coffee shops in Seattle. The lovers would meet early in the morning with no one else there. The atmosphere had a certain intimacy which made it feel like it was unique just to them.
Although the lyrics are based on the real-life special place of a coffee shop, for the song’s story that place becomes a bar.
It moves to a rainy evening, with the protagonist returning to the special place that meant so much to the happy couple, where he has one last drink to remember. There is a feeling of sadness as he ” kisses his life goodbye “, a line which can be interpreted in different ways.
David said that the line meant ” It’s more that he’s kissing not only the life he had with her goodbye but that future life they could have had together, which would’ve been completely different than the life he’s now living. ”
After the instrumental, the song cleverly leads the listener to believe that the lonely, sad man first mentioned in the song is now replaced by a new couple. And so the love cycle begins again.
” The Man In The Window ” has the composition that is as innocent as a music box, with lyrics that could tell a story of sadness or one of hope after a love that has been lost, something we all experience in our lifetime.


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