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” Things I’ve Said ” is by Matt Springfield, the singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Matt, a resident of Sarre-Union in the Alsace region of France, had a fascination with the new wave bands and the culture that surrounded the music of the 80s.
Now his music tastes are Depeche Mode, U2, The Police, David Bowie, Oasis and New Order; his favourite is the work of the Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers and the solo work of their lead singer, Brandon Flowers.
His writing influences are M83, Chvrches, Miike Snow, Hurts, U2, Coldplay, The Killers and Depeche Mode, along with Keane, Maroon 5, Muse, Robbie Williams, Mika, The Editors and Snow Patrol.
Matt has an ambition as a songwriter to connect the listener with the decade that gave us classic tunes that are still popular today; Matt explained ” My goal was to write a song that could have been written in the 80’s, with sounds reminding the 80’s, with a modern touch as well. ”
” Things I’ve Said “, Written by Matt, was produced by Greg Haver with mastering by Ryan Smith. Greg Haver has worked with artists like Tom Jones, Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C and Charlotte Campbell.
The single was recorded at Modern World Studios in Tetbury, England. The studio is set in a 3000 sq ft warehouse in the beautiful town of Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
Tetbury was built on an ancient hill fort and sits in the Cotswold’s area which was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966.
The song features on the compilation album, TV Media-100% Hits Vol.1. The album, released by Universal Music Austria, also features tracks by Kylie Minogue, Black Eyed Peas and Martin Solveig.
” Things I’ve Said ” was written in 2003 after Matt had a virtual Relationship with a girl. Their paths never crossed and they only talked online, but he became besotted with her even though they never actually met and would eagerly wait to see his ” beauty queen on the screen again. ”
Matt was able to release the single with the support of crowdfunding from 372 people on akamusic, the crowdfunding platform for artists. The track has had airplay on German radio stations BigFM, WDR2, SR1 and 91,2 Dortmund with Matt winning a newcomer competition on BigFM.
There are several remixes of the single by DJ’s Xavier Seulmand, Mark Lucas, Misha Zam, The Damn Bell Doors and Paul Vinitsky. The Dirty Impact remix of ” Things I’ve Said ” was released in May 2013 by Universal Music for their compilation album, Dirty Impact Club Tour Vol.5, which also featured artists Avicii, DJ Antoine, Ne-Yo and Calvin Harris.
The accompanying music video was shot in Brussels and was directed by Thomas François. Featured in the video is House Music DJ and fashion blogger Laura De Greef. Laura, who is based in Paris, France, is considered to be one of the most promising DJ’s on the circuit and regularly plays in Belgium, Paris and London.
Along with YouTube, the video for ” Things I’ve Said ” has been shown on several TV stations, including TapeTV and GoTV.
In November 2011, Matt raised a new budget from 640 of his fans to record his EP ” Erase All Data “, recorded in 2012 with Greg Haver in the United Kingdom, the EP was released in 2012. It features Peter Rainman’s People Theatre’s Monologue Mix of ” Things I’ve Said ” along with eight other tracks.


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