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” Time ” is by Jasmin Stone, the Israeli singer-songwriter, producer and award-winning film-composer. The song was written and composed by Jasmin.
Production and mixing for the single by Danton Supple with additional mixing by Marta Salogni.
Danton is a London-based record producer and mixer with over 30 years in the industry. Danton started on his career working with the legendary producer Trevor Horn CBE ( Buggles video killed the radio star ) and has worked with artists including Coldplay, Spandau Ballet, U2 and Morrissey.
Mastering for the single was by Pete Maher. Pete is a leading mastering engineer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music. He has mastered tracks for U2, The Killers, Noel Gallagher, Rolling Stones and Lana Del Rey.
Also featured on the track are musicians Idan Green on drums and Yuval Messner on Cello.
” Time ” was released in 2016 and is taken from Jasmin’s EP ” Echoes “. The EP was released with the help of Oleh records, an Israel organization that represents artists from the country with Worldwide promotion.
The song is an electronic indie-pop love song that is about doing what we want and seizing the opportunity to do it now. The mystical melodic ballad style of writing and composition will appeal to fans of Goldfrapp and Bjork.
The accompanying music video was directed by Farin Shtamper, who is also known for his visual and special effects expertise in film production.
In the video actors, Shir Mautner, Chen Shauda, Roni, Anna Cherkasov and Diana Chiglyeyev play out the story of a group of dark fairies who put a spell on a young man, one of the fairies marries him while he is asleep.
The singer is his love who tries to touch his heart, she cannot rid the spell, only the angel of doom can do that. The whole scenario is played out in an enchanted, mythical forest with trees covered in colorful jewels, toy-like snakes hide in the grassy floor and fairy dust floats in the air.
Music critics gave positive reviews for the song. Rick Jamm of Jamsphere.com wrote ” Hearing ‘Time ‘ is like rediscovering a secret that was first whispered to you centuries ago “.
Baxter Labatos of Spheremusic noted that Echoes EP will appeal to fans of Goldfrapp and Bjork saying ” Given more time, Jasmin Stone will become one of the important voices in pop music “.

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