Vulnerable Roxette

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Vulnerable Roxette

Song Title: Vulnerable

Artist: Roxette

Date of release: 23rd of February 1995 (Europe) 27th of March 1995 (UK)

Description: ” Vulnerable ” is by Roxette, the pop rock duo from Halmstad, Sweden. The duo is made up of Marie Fredriksson ( Gun-Marie Fredriksson ) and Per Gessle. The song was written by Per Gessle with production for the single by Clarence Öfwerman.
” Vulnerable ” was released by record label EMI on the 23rd of February 1995 in Europe and on the 27th of March 1995 in the United Kingdom. The song was taken from Roxette’s fifth Album ” Crash! Boom! Bang! “.
Clarence Öfwerman has worked with Roxette as a producer since their debut Album ” Pearls of Passion “, which reached number 2 on the Swedish albums chart in 1986.
He also accompanies Roxette as a live musician on many of their tours, he played on their 2009 Night of the Proms series which took in Belgium, the Netherlands and also Germany.
Roxette’s chief songwriter Per Gessle was a founding member of popular 1970’s Swedish band Gyllene Tider. He later formed Roxette with Marie Fredriksson in 1986, they went on to have nineteen Top 40 hit singles in the United Kingdom, several Billboard Hot 100 Chart hits in the United States, with four of those reaching Number One on the Billboard Chart.
The accompanying music video was directed by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund. Along with directing music videos for Roxette, Jonas has worked with a wide range of artists including Metallica, Christina Aguilera, U2, Blink-182, P!nk, Rammstein, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.
Jonas directed the highly acclaimed video for ” Smack my bitch up “, the 1997 song by The Prodigy. The video caused controversy with scenes of drug use, violence and nudity.
Parts of the video were shot on location at Bondai Beach, Sydney, Australia. In the video Per can be seen typing in a room before venturing out to a cafe and then the beach, clips are also shown of Marie silhouetted against a large stained glass window.
Commercially ” Vulnerable ” was not a major success. In Roxette’s native Sweden the song peaked at number 12 and spent 10 weeks on the chart there.
In the United Kingdom the song first charted on the 8th of April 1995 and reached number 44, it spent a total of 2 weeks on the chart.
” Vulnerable ” was not released in the United States, Roxette’s Album was also not successful in the US after being badly marketed by record company EMI.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 44

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: German Singles Chart 71, Swedish Singles Chart 12

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