Waiting For My Life (To Start Again) David Nyro

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Title: Waiting For My Life (To Start Again)

Artist: David Nyro

Song Description: ” Waiting For My Life (To Start Again) ” is by David Nyro, the Seattle-based singer-songwriter. The song was written by David Nyro in early 2016. Production for the single was by David and Jakael Tristram, Jakael graduated after studying audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research.
David released ” Waiting For My Life (To Start Again) ” via his record label, Derecho Records. David took the name for his label from the Spanish word Derecho, which is often used to describe a line of fast-moving severe thunderstorms.
The song was recorded at legendary London Bridge Studios near Seattle in the US. The studio was formed in 1985 by brothers Rick and Raj Parashar and has played host to artists like Macklemore, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains.
For this track, David enlisted the help of musicians Sean Lane on drums and Marc Miller on bass. The record is back to the basics with a soul-searching, conscious probing attempt to discover life, its meaning and direction.
David explained about the lyrics ” I used the metaphor of being hunkered down in a bomb shelter, afraid, regretful, wondering, hoping. It is me reflecting back on my life, pondering my choices and losses. The line about ‘ doing time inside my head, sentenced by the things that you said ‘ reflects the type of negative self-talk we all have to guard against ”.
The accompanying music video was produced by Amphora Media and directed by Ian Stevens and Zack Bivins. The footage was filmed at London Bridge Studios and features David alone in the studio, reflecting the loneliness of the lyrics.
Previewed by a selection of music critics, ” Waiting For My Life (To Start Again) ” has received a positive response. Ysanne Spevack wrote that David has ” experience, pain, and maturity in his voice that can’t be faked ”, while music writer Alan Cross dubbed David’s delivery as ” dark soul “.
Many compare the work of David Nyro to music heavyweights Jackson Browne and Don Henley. David is a prolific writer of life stories that probe the inner self and a lyricist that will be forever associated for music that can touch on any emotion.

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