Wannabe Spice Girls

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Wannabe Spice Girls

Song Title: Wannabe

Artist: Spice Girls

Date of release: 8 July 1996 (Europe and Oceania) January 7, 1997 (U.S)

Description: ” Wannabe ” is by the Spice Girls, the British group consisting of five girls. This was the girl’s first song from their debut Album ” Spice “, released in 1996.
The definition of a ” Wannabe ” is a person with aspirations to be someone else, usually some celebrity. However this had nothing much to do with the song, it just provided a great title. The song was written by the group members and Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard. Recorded in haste, ” Wannabe ” didn’t excite Virgin, their record label, so was sent to be worked on by Dave Way.
However the mix didn’t please the group, and the song was worked on again, this time Mark ” Spike ” Stent was tasked with re-working the song ready for release.
The song was released as the group’s first single in 1996 and almost instantly caught the public’s attention. ” Wannabe ” quickly climbed the charts in the United Kingdom and stayed at the top for seven weeks, spending a total of twenty-six weeks on the charts.
January 1997 saw the release in the United States where again the song enjoyed success with a Billboard Hot 100 Chart Number One. It stayed for four weeks at the top, however, ” Wannabe ” was to be the group’s only chart-topping single in the United States.
Along with Number One single success in both the UK and the US, the song was also topping the charts in 37 different countries by 1997.
” Wannabe ” was set to become the best-selling single by an all-female group in the World. The song had sales of 1,360,000 in the United Kingdom and the United States of around 2,910,000. Total Worldwide sales reached some seven million copies by the end of that year.
There have been mixed reactions by music critics over the years, with some calling it gritty and edgy pop.Back in 2014, the song was given the accolade of being the catchiest pop song of the last 60 years. In 2015 Billboard called it a ” Pop culture smash “.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 1

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australian Singles Chart 1, Austrian Singles Chart 2, Belgian Ultratop 50 (Flanders) 1, Belgian Ultratop 40 (Wallonia) 1, Danish Singles Chart 1, Dutch (Top 40) 1, European Hot 100 Singles 1, Finnish Singles Chart 1, French Singles Chart 1, German Singles Chart 1, Hong Kong Singles Chart 1, Irish Singles Chart 1, Israel Singles Chart 1, Italian Singles Chart 4, New Zealand Singles Chart 1, Norwegian Singles Chart 1, Scottish Singles Chart 1, Spanish Singles Chart 1, Swedish Singles Chart 1, Swiss Singles Chart 1

Official Website: Thespicegirls.com

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/The-Spice-Girls

Twitter: Twitter.com/SpiceGirlsNet

Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/SpiceGirls


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