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” Winter Wonder ” is by The Florin Street Band. The fictional English Victorian-themed band was put together by award-winning British musician Leigh Haggerwood in 2010. With over 20 years in the industry, Leigh has worked in many fields of media including music publishing, commercials, television themes and film soundtracks.
Along with TV chef Jamie Oliver, Louise Brannan, James Bejon and Andy Baker, Leigh formed Scarlet Division in 1989. The band’s single ” Sundial “, released by Sony Music, entered the UK Singles Chart on the 11th of November 2000 and reached a peak of number seventy-eight. Although Scarlet Division is in an extended hiatus, Leigh continued to write humorous songs for Jamie like ” Give It To Me Hot ” and ” Fish Stew “, which the chef performed at his cooking demos and live events.
The Florin Street Band was put together by Leigh after he became disappointed with the lack of traditional Christmas songwriting in the United Kingdom. It seemed that the UK Singles Chart lacked any traditional festive songs at the time of year when one would expect this type of music to dominate record sales.
So, seeing that traditional songs were in decline, Leigh set about creating a festive project that would promote the values associated with Christmas. The band’s first release, My Favourite Time of Year, became popular with fans the world over.
The song’s video was shot on location at Blists Hill Victorian Town at Ironbridge, Shropshire in the UK. The open-air museum recreates a Victorian Town from the time of Queen Victoria, with actors and real tradespeople showing what life was like over one hundred years ago.
For the project, Leigh enlisted the help of session musicians, including the talented violinist Vaughan Jones, who, dressed in Victorian costume, can be seen in the video playing Violin & solo fiddle.
The Florin Street Band is an ongoing Christmas story, to date, there have been three songs released. Currently in development is a musical, with further tracks written by Leigh. Also in the pipeline is a film and children’s animation, which will be a feature-length Christmas animation, with twelve songs and an orchestral score.
” Winter Wonder “, released in 2013 by record label Calmsound, features the vocal talents of Bryony Purdue. The London based award winning singer specialises in Jazz, Classical, Soul, Opera and Blues. Performing in jazz clubs around London, her talent is gaining critical acclaim both domestically and internationally.
Additional vocals were provided by Cliff Elliott, Nina Clarke, Poppy Pitt and Nina Garcia. Other members involved were Beth Porter on Vocals and Cello, Ben Please on Vocals and Guitar, Harry Palmer on Vocals and Drums and Will Hyde on Double Bass. Vaughan Jones plays Violin in the production and features in the video.
The accompanying music video was directed and co-produced by Jackson Kingsley, the English director based in Bath and London, England. Jackson specialises in corporate, commercial and documentary films. He is currently Shooting Producer Director at Animal Planet, a television channel in the United Kingdom which focuses its output on the relationship between humans and animals.
The location for the shoot was in the restored Englishcombe Tithe Barn, a cruck-framed tithe barn built by the Monks of Bath Abbey in the 1300s. Now under the care of English Heritage, the barn is one of the most beautiful examples of an original tithe barn left in the country today.
The production involved sourcing period costumes, 80 in total and period musical instruments, which included the piano which Leigh can be seen playing in the video. Leigh’s sister, Kelly, used her skills to make authentic Victorian decorations for the tree. Ella Parmar Jenkins designed the set which was used to give the video the victorian atmospheric feel.
The opening scenes of the video show a Wadsworth brewery horse and cart delivering beer. The brewery was founded in 1875 in Devizes, Wiltshire, England. Wadsworth is one of only four breweries that still use this method to provide beer in the country. Their four horses, Monty, Max, Archie and Sam, are stabled on site and compete in shows and events up and down the UK.
Also featured in the production was members of Ceroc Live Bath, part of the most prominent dance club anywhere in the world. Leigh also enlisted the help of the residents of Englishcombe village as extras.
The post-production job of editing and colour grading was done at films@59 in Bristol. The experts at films@59 have been involved many projects that been seen by audiences all over the World including the acclaimed BBC series Blue Planet, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
On The Florin Street Band website, you can purchase authentic victorian tree decorations, which will help fund further productions and continue with the project that is helping revive traditional Christmas values.

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