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” With My Own Eyes ” is by Sash!, the German DJ and music Production team. The team is made up of Sascha Lappessen, Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas ‘ Alisson ‘ Lüdke.
In 1994, Sascha Lappessen, using the name of Careca, produced ” Indian Rave “. A year later he was joined by Ralf and Thomas, and the three formed Sash. Their first single ” It’s My Life ” came out in 1995 and went on to become a club hit throughout Europe.
In the United Kingdom Sash! has had five singles reach number two on the UK Singles Chart with five albums making the chart. The most successful of which was Life Goes On, released in 1998 it reached number five on the UK Albums Chart.
Their music has included a variety of vocalists including Adrian Rodriguez, Shannon, Tina Cousins, Dr. Alban, Sarah Brightman and Boy George. Their output has included different languages like Spanish, French, Italian and African.
In addition to producing tracks for themselves, the trio has also worked on remixes for other artists like Jean Michel Jarre, 2 Unlimited, Todd Terry, OMD and Kylie Minogue. Sash! has over 22 Million albums sales worldwide and been awarded 65 Gold and Platinum awards.
” With My Own Eyes ” was written and produced by Sascha Lappessen, Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas Alisson. The song was released by record label X-IT Records ( independent ) on the 4th of September 2000 and taken as the third single from their third album, Trilenium.
The album, released on the 22nd of May 2000, was about six months after ” Adelante ” reached number two on the UK Singles Chart. However, the album failed to live up to expectations, peaking at number thirteen on the UK Albums Chart.
The album’s title is a reference to the commotion around the year 2000 when there were many predictions of doom like the millennium bug The bug, also known as the Y2K problem, the Y2K bug or just Y2K, was when computers were predicted to crash due to the changeover of the digits.
Many companies and organisations around the World upgraded their computer systems in anticipation of the problem, which didn’t arise and the changeover happened without significant incident.
The album which featured the vocals of Tina Cousins, Adrian Rodriguez and Sabine Ohmes, peaked at number nine in Finland, the highest position of all the countries where it was released.
” With My Own Eyes ” features the vocals of Inka Auhagen, the Finnish singer, songwriter and actress. Born in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, she began acting career at the age of five when she starred in several Finnish TV and film productions.
Inka has recorded music in many different languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Armenian, Saponi, Sioux and Congolese. In April 2008, she was awarded the Fridtjof Nansen Medal of Honour in Yerevan, Armenia for her help with the Adana Project.
The medal is named after Fridtjof Nansen who was a Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. In 1888 Fridtjof led a team that made the first crossing of the Greenland interior. In 1921 he was appointed as the League of Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Fridtjof Nansen devoted the last ten years of his life to helping refugees; he died on the 13th of May 1930.
The accompanying music video was directed by Antti Jokinen, the Finnish music video and film director. After studying in the United States, where he had a basketball scholarship, Antti moved back to Finland. There he co-founded Storm Inc with Finnish film producer Markus Selin.
He has directed music videos for a varied mix of artists like as Beyoncé, Will Smith, Tiziano Ferro, Missy Elliott, Anastacia, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Korn, Lordi, Nightwish, Shania Twain, Westlife and Wyclef Jean.
” With My Own Eyes ” was a commercial success for Sash!. In the United Kingdom, the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 23rd of September 2000 and reached a peak of number ten. The single spent one week in the top ten and a total of five weeks on the UK chart.
The song also charted in Australia, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 10

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia (ARIA) 39, Germany (Official German Charts) 46, Ireland (IRMA) 28, Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) 51, Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade) 82

Official Website: Sashworld.com

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/sashmusic 

Twitter: Twitter.com/sashofficial 

Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/Sash!

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