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” Woman ” is by John Lennon ( John Winston Ono Lennon ), who was an English singer and songwriter who co-founded the Beatles. The Beatles are the most commercially successful and influential band in popular music history.
By 2012, John’s solo album sales in the United States were more than fourteen million. As a writer, co-writer, or performer, John was involved in twenty-five Number One singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. John came eighth in a BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation ) poll held in 2002 to find the 100 Greatest Britons. Rolling Stone, the music magazine, ranked him the fifth-greatest singer of all time.
On the 8th of December 1980 at around 10:50 in the evening (Eastern Standard Time ), John and Yoko were returning to their New York apartment in the Dakota when Mark David Chapman shot John in the back four times. John was pronounced dead on arrival at nearby Roosevelt Hospital some ten minutes later.
” Woman ” was written and performed by John Lennon. The song was produced by John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Jack Douglas. Jack started as a janitor Record Plant Studios and soon progressed to work at the recording desk as a recording engineer. He worked with a variety of artists including Miles Davis, The James Gang, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick and Montrose. Jack’s work on the Double Fantasy album won him a Grammy Award for album of the Year.
The song was released by record label Geffen ( Universal Music Group ) on the 12th of January 1981 in the United States and on the 16th of January 1981 in the United Kingdom. John chose ” Woman ” to be the second single released from the Double Fantasy album. It was the first of John’s singles released after his death in 1980.
His first posthumous single was written in Bermuda in June 1980 not just as an ode to his wife Yoko Ono, but to all women.
In an interview in the Rolling Stone magazine in 1980 John explained ” Woman came about because, one sunny afternoon in Bermuda, it suddenly hit me. I saw what women do for us. Not just what my Yoko does for me, although I was thinking in those personal terms. Any truth is universal. If we’d made our album in the third person and called it Freda and Ada or Tommy and had dressed up in clown suits with lipstick and created characters other than us, maybe a Ziggy Stardust, would it be more acceptable? It’s not our style of art; our life is our art. Anyway, in Bermuda, what suddenly dawned on me was everything I was taking for granted. Women really are the other half of the sky, as I whisper at the beginning of the song. And it just sort of hit me like a flood, and it came out like that. The song reminds me of a Beatles track, but I wasn’t trying to make it sound like that. I did it as I did Girl many years ago. So this is the grown-up version of Girl “.
Although the song was for Yoko, John gave the song a universal meaning. He told the musicians during the recording ” It’s for your mother, or your sister, anyone of the female race “.
” Woman ” was a commercial success for John. In the United States, the song reached a peak of number two on Billboard Hot 100 Chart, spending twenty weeks on the chart there. Both REO Speedwagon’s ” Keep On Loving You ” and Blondie’s ” Rapture ” kept John from taking the Number One spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. However, it did reach Number One on the Cashbox Top 100.
In the United Kingdom, the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 24th of January 1981 at number three, from there, it moved up to number two and finally making Number One on the 17th of February 1981.
” Woman ” spent two weeks at the top of the UK chart, knocking John’s own re-released single ” Imagine ” off the top. The song spent six weeks in the Top Ten and a total of eleven weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: 2

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia 4, Austria 3, Canada 1, Germany 4, Netherlands 11, Norway 5, New Zealand 1, Switzerland 2

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