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” Yeha Noha ( Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity ) ” is by Sacred Spirit, the German musical project. The track was produced by The Fearsome Brave otherwise known as Claus Zundel.
The song was released on the Virgin record label in 1995 and taken as the first single from the multi-million selling album, Chants and Dances of the Native Americans.
” Yeha Noha ” is sung by Navajo tribal elder Kee Chee Jake Chinle of Arizona who passed away in 1999.
The song is a reworked version of the Navajo Shoe Game song; this is a Navajo myth which tells the story of a game played between day and night animals for the prize of permanent daylight or night.
The single was a commercial success for Sacred Spirit. The song was to become a massive hit in France. ” Yeha Noha ” entered the French Singles Chart at number twenty-six and moved up to peak at number three, from there it climbed to top the chart. The song spent six weeks at the top and a total of nineteen weeks on the chart.
In Belgium ” Yeha Noha ” entered the Belgian ( Wallonia ) Singles Chart at number twenty and climbed to reach number three, the song stayed on the chart for a total of sixteen weeks.
In the United Kingdom, the song made the chart twice, first was in April 1995 when it made it to number seventy-five for one week and the second time the song entered the chart was in November where it reached a peak of number thirty-seven.
In the United States ” Yeha Noha ” reached number thirteen on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart and spent a total of eleven weeks on the chart.
Sacred Spirit’s album, Chants and Dances of the Native Americans are thought to have amassed sales worldwide of 15 million, for every one sold the Native American Rights Fund ( a non-profit Native American organisation that fights for the rights of the Native Americans ) received a donation.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 37

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Belgian (Wallonia) Singles Chart 3, French Singles Chart 1

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