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” You’re Gone ” is by James Bakian, a young singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. The song was written and produced by James Bakian with the help from Ross O’Reilly and piano teacher Andrew Yeates. Ross has worked with artists including Kele Le Roc, One Direction, JLS and James Morrison.
James got the inspiration for the song by imagining how it would feel to go through a break up in a relationship. James is twelve years old so wrote the song as a general observation rather than from actual experience.
Lyrically the song reflects the influences of love and heartbreak James has seen in films, tv shows and even watching music videos. When he wrote the lyrics for ” You’re Gone ” he tried to put his imagination into words.
James said of writing the song ” he was trying to capture the conflicting emotions of sorrow mixed with anger one would feel when the love of your life ends the relationship “. He added that the song is about “someone who is living in the past dreaming of when he was still together with his girlfriend and how the break-up has left him confused, lonely, fearful but also angry that she’s left him and convinced that she too must be scarred by the split. The guy is struggling to process the reality that she’s gone and the permanence of it all “.
James has been having piano lessons since the age of seven, he started to write songs from the age of eleven. After winning a talent contest at his school, his parents arranged for James to have his first real experience of a professional recording studio.
His piano teacher Andrew Yeates arranged for James to sing in that professional environment at his friend’s recording studio in Hertfordshire in the UK. Andrew played the keyboard while James sang along, the recording was simple but ignited the passion inside James to pursue songwriting.
His main influences for his writing are Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and artists like Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, Justin Bieber and Sia.
The video shows James alone against a plain background, this symbolises the loneliness and sadness felt in the lyrics. Since then both James and his brother Daniel have been hard at work filming videos for the YouTube channel.


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